Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Feast of St. Luke

Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist. Luke, by the inspiration of God, is responsible for the writings of the Gospel According to St. Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. Luke was a Gentile Christian, a doctor (i.e., physician), and a companion of St. Paul's during his missionary journeys.

St. Luke is symbolized by the winged ox; one of the four living creatures described in the book of the Revelation. (The picture to the right is taken from the new Order of St. Luke t-shirts and is based on the rendering in the Book of Kells.)

Whether at our annual retreat, or in diaspora, as members of the Order of St. Luke, this is the day that we reaffirm our vows to:

Affirm the Apostolic Hope

Live for the Church of Jesus Christ

Magnify the Sacraments

Seek the Sacramental Life

Promote the Corporate Worship of the Church

Accept the call to Service as put forth by the discipline of the Church and the Practice of the Order


Abide by the Rules of the Order and Indicate that Commitment by Study, Service, Gifts and Practice.

The Order of St. Luke is an ecumenical religious order, based in the United Methodist Church, but interdenominational in membership. It is open to clergy and laity, men and women. It is dedicated to "Liturgical and Sacramental Scholarship, Education and Practice." For more information of the Order of St. Luke, I invite you to click on the link provided in the side bare under Religious Orders.

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