Friday, June 19, 2009

New Websites for the ACNA

From June 22 - 25, those representing the Common Cause Partners will gather and a new ecclesial entity will be born: The Anglican Church in North America. This new province will seek to represent authentic, orthodox, Anglican Christianity in North America.

With the gathering, the ACNA will be launching new and updated websites; one, the purpose of which will be to cover the Inaugural Assembly ( ), the other will be the new province's new website (replacing the Common Cause website). - You can read about the new websites, here.

While I would like to cover the Assembly, I do not know how much opportunity I will have. My own denomination's General Assembly will be taking me out of town, next week. If I am able to gain access to my blog (and if I have time!), I will want to cover the business of our Assembly: the election of three new General Superintendents (i.e., bishops), and several resolutions, including the six of mine that have made it to the G.A.

But not to fear! Those who want to follow the ACNA Inaugural Assembly can do so at !

I would encourage the readers of Wesleyan/Anglican to be in prayer for the newly forming ACNA. North American surely needs a better representation of "Wesley's Church" than has been provided in recent years by The Episcopal Church. - May God grant that the new ACNA will prove to be a much better representation, for the glory of God.

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