Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Other Interesting General Assembly Action

There were a couple of other resolutions that passed that were quite interesting.

The General Assembly (amended and) passed a resolution from the Reference Committee, Kansas City District, Washington Pacific District and Wisconsin District Resolutions Committees on "Gender Inclusive Language." - It reads as follows:

". . . The Church of the Nazarene affirms and encourages the use of gender inclusive language in reference to persons. Publications, including the Manual and public language should reflect this commitment to gender equality as expressed in paragraph . . ." (The amendment made it clear that changes in the Manual would not include changes in Scripture quotations or in reference to God.

A second, and more lengthy resolution from the Reference Committee, East Ohio District General Assembly Delegation, Eurasia Regional Advisory Council and USA/Canada Mission/Evangelism Department (which I will not reproduce, here) focused on Christian Compassion and its connection with the holy life. - It was adopted by the Assembly, as well.

One to watch for, tomorrow, comes from the USA/Canada Mission/Evangelism Department and focuses on "Working with Immigrants." It supports ministering to and assisting immigrant regardless of their legal status, etc.


The Circuit Rider said...

Sounds similar to our Wesleyan stance on immigration:

The Circuit Rider said...

Link almost right: