Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coming Soon to a Website Near You . . .

I am happy to bring an exciting announcement to the readers of this blog.  Recently, I emailed Br. Roger Baker, O.S.L., who serves as the new Webscribe for the newly redesigned website for the Order of Saint Luke.  Since the new website included a section for member-related links, and since no links had yet been established, I requested that the site link to my blog.

Last week, I received an email from Br. Roger indicating that a link to my blog now appears in that section of the OSL website.

But there is more!  -  Br. Roger proceeded to asked if I would allow the Order to syndicate my blog onto the O.S.L. website as a recurring column!  So, coming soon to a website near you . . . my blog as a recurring column!

Now, the technical work needed to make this happen has not yet occurred, but everything should be worked out in the very near future.  So, I invite you to check out the Order of Saint Luke website and look for my column.  The link to the website can be found on my sidebar, or by clicking here.

Thank you, Br. Roger!

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Anonymous said...

Be sure to catch "Br. Todd" at the OSL web site, http://www.saint-luke.org, under the "member columns" menu selection. You might also find other interesting items from members of the Order of Saint Luke.