Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Issue of WMC First Friday Letter

After several months of hiatus, a new "First Friday Letter" has been issued.  It has been the usual practice of the Rev'd. Dr. George Freeman, General Secretary of the World Methodist Council, to issue a "First Friday Letter" to members of the Executive Committee of the WMC.  This letter has been distributed to other Council members, as well as to interested other parties.  As far back as October of 2009, these letters have been made available online at the WMC website.  They typically contain news items and other information from the various denominational members of the Council, as well as general WMC information.

In the current issue covers such topics as the newly nominated successor to Dr. Freeman (the election of +Ivan Abrahams as General Secretary will take place at the upcoming meeting of the World Methodist Council in Durban, South Africa); The 20th World Methodist Conference; updates on Anglican-Methodist dialogue; Prayers for Disaster Victims; The Global Digital Theological Library; World Methodist Evangelism Institute Seminars; WMC/Salvation Army Dialogue; World Sunday for Peace; And +Thomas Hoyt of the CME being honored.

A link to download the current and previous letters can be found, here.

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