Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Few Changes

I have just finished making a few changes in the various links on the sidebar of this blog.  Unfortunately, I felt that, if my blog links were to be helpful, some of those links should be removed due to their inactivity.  -  I know that such a charge could be leveled against me, at times.  However, the links that I removed have been dormant far longer than I have allowed between my posts. 

Now, if one of my readers find that I have removed your blog link, don't worry.  I have saved all of them in a file, so I can keep track of them.  It is my hope that they will become more active, so I can include them on this blog once again.

In the meantime, I have discovered a few more links, which I have added to the sidebar.  Some of them are quite new to me.  Time will tell how valuable they may be.  I would encourage you to check them out.

First, under the Nazarene Links, you will find Evangelism/Vital Church Renewal.  This is a part of the official site for the Church of the Nazarene, but I think that it will be of value to non-Nazarenes, as well.

Under the Anglican Links I have added a link to Bishop Todd Hunter's site.  +Hunter is a bishop in the Anglican Mission in America.  I am not personally familiar with +Hunter, but I have seen his name listed on a number of Anglican sites I have visited.

Under the Blog Roll, I have added three new links.  Adiaphora is the blog site of Fr. Chris Larimer.  Chris+ is a priest in the Anglican Church in North America.  He is from the Louisville, Kentucky area (just across the river from me), which is how he first caught my attention.  He has recently been installed as Rector of Holy Apostles Anglican Church in Elizabethtown, KY.  -  I think he stands on the Calvinist side of the tracks, but I'm willing to give him a bit of a pass for the time being. :0) 

Next, I've added a link to Confessions of a Closet Anglican by the Rev'd. Tim Powers.  Tim+ is a United Methodist pastor serving in the same Annual Conference as myself (the Indiana Annual Conference).  Like myself, Tim+ is also a member of the Order of St. Luke.

Finally, under the Blog Roll, I added a link to Old Worship New.  The goal of this blog is, as the title implies, viz., to make old worship (liturgical worship) new!  This blog is brand new to me.  I'll be checking it out over the next few weeks.  It appears to be written by three Lutherans with Masters of Sacred Music degrees.

I have also added a link,  under the Other Links of Interest section, for The Book of Common Prayer Online.  (I know that there are other links to the various Books of Common Prayer, and I would be happy for readers to post them in the comments section!)

In addition to all of these, I have invited folks who are members of my Wesleyan/Anglican Facebook group to post links to related blogs.  If you are on Facebook, but haven't joined the Wesleyan/Anglican group, I invite you to do so.  There has been some great discussions taking place on that group page in recent days.

If you have a blog that is related to Wesleyan/Methodist, Anglican, Wesleyan/Anglican, or liturgical kinds of things, and you are not already listed on my side bar, feel free to post them in a comments.  I won't guarantee that they will be listed on the sidebar, but I'm happy for you to plug your blog (if its subject matter is related to one of these areas).


Todd Stepp said...

Just added another BCP link.

Todd Stepp said...

Just updated/corrected my blog link to Wesleyan Arminian. - I also added a link to "Idea Bridges" by David Felter. I would especially point you to his article titled "What About Those Nazarenes" at
It deals with some specific issues like the Wesleyan/Nazarene view of Scripture, liberal voices (or just not-Calvinist voices), creation/evolution, the emergent church movement. - Check it out.