Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Resolution News

More good news concerning my resolutions to next summer's Nazarene General Assembly!  My district's delegation met early this week and approved seven of my eight resolutions.  This, in addition to East Ohio's action (cf., my Nov. 21 post, below), means that all eight of my resolutions will make it to General Assembly!

The resolutions that my district approved that were not covered by links in the East Ohio post are as follows: Nazarene AnthemDeacons & Elders, and the Church Government Flow Chart

The one resolution that East Ohio approved, but my district did not approve was the one on Ordination & the Superintendency.  That means that four of my eight resolutions will be sponsored by two districts (so far!).  This is important, because weight is added to the resolutions when it is seen that more than one district is sponsoring them.  -  Hopefully, the Board of General Superintendents will have matching resolutions on baptism & membership and on deacons & elders, seeing that I presented these same resolution (essentially) at the last G.A., and they were then referred to the Board of General Superintendents.

As I understand it, at least some of my resolutions are being presented to another district committee.  If I hear more about that, I will post it.  It is my hope that others are presenting them to their district's delegation, as well.  -  If you would like to do so, but have questions on how to go about it, please let me know!  Time is running out!


Todd Stepp said...

Just received word: there was some alteration by my district to my resolution on the ritual for infant baptism.

Todd Stepp said...

Good news! East Ohio retained the language of my resolution. Hopefully, it will be picked up by other districts, as well.

Leslie Lim said...

You really have an awesome blog. You doing great and I really love it. Thanks for posting. God bless.


Todd Stepp said...

Thank you for your comment, Leslie! - I need to get back up-to-date on blogging!