Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Responding . . . to a "Stylish Baptism"

Today, my friend, the Rev'd. Taylor Burton-Edwards, posted on the Wesleyan/Anglican Facebook page, a video.  It then appeared on the Sacramental Nazarenes fb page, and then on individuals' posts.  I think that Taylor's response sums it up: "Kyrie Eleison" (Lord, Have Mercy).
Take a look, and see what you think . . .


Now, the comments that I have read on Facebook and elsewhere have ranged from belief that this surely must be a spoof to that of being highly offended.  -  Well, it is NOT a spoof.  It is a video done by Leslie Birkland of the Big Rich Texas show on Style Network.  And, so, of course, one just shakes one's head when watching something like this.

However, the thought struck me.  Perhaps, instead of railing on Ms. Birkland for this (really horrible) video, we might ask the question of what would lead a person to make such a video.  Could it be that Ms. Birkland simply and honestly has no idea what Holy Baptism is all about?  Could it be, then, that she would be taken aback at the responses that this video is provoking?  And, if that is the case, could it be that she simply has never been taught about the Holy Sacrament (or about what Christianity is really all about)?  -  She has (in the video; I've never seen her show) implied, by virtue of being Kalyn's "godmother," that she is a Christian.  So, should we not treat her as a sister in Christ and, as Priscilla and Aquila did with Apollos, should we not seek to "explain to [her] the way of God more adequately" (Acts 18:24-26).

To that end, I tried to find a way to contact Ms. Birkland, but to little avail.  I could find no email contact or way to contact her via Facebook.  I was able to make a comment on her bio page on the Big Rich Texas site.  However, when I went back, I did not see it.  I do not know if it is working properly.  -  In any case, here is my open invitation, if Ms. Birkland happens to find this page, I would be happy to talk with her (and Kalyn, the young lady who was baptized) about the sacrament of Holy Baptism and the Christian faith in a less public manner.


Todd Stepp said...

Well, unfortunately, Alison Jones filled in the rest of the story on the W/A fb page: - I guess one might be relieved that it wasn't intended to be a Christian baptism ?

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog, Todd. Thanks! You're now on my blog roll.



Todd Stepp said...


Thank you for your comment & for placing me on your blog roll! - I need to update my blog roll, as well. Be assured, once I do, your site will be listed!

Your Brother in Christ,


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