Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Rick Lee James and Greg Lafollette: Songs of Common Prayer

My friend, Rick Lee James, introduced me to a brand new project (set to be released, today) by Greg Lafollette.  It is titled Songs of Common Prayer.  As the title implies, this is a CD that is based upon the Book of Common Prayer.

As a "Wesleyan-Anglican," I have been shaped by the Book of Common Prayer over several years, now.  It has been my practice to pray the offices of Morning and/or Evening Prayer each day from one of the versions of the Prayer Book (most often, by far, John Wesley's version, The Sunday Service of the Methodists in North America).  Further, I have looked for options for liturgically based music that might be used to incorporate Prayer Book spirituality in worship for those who are unfamiliar with the Book of Common Prayer.  More than that, I've been looking forward to getting my hands on this CD, personally.

Rick Lee James (whose CD, Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations, I also have!) has a regular podcast called Voices In My Head.  (And I just saw that he has a podcast on The Gospel According to Superman, to which I will have to listen, soon!)

On today's podcast he features Greg Lafollette and focuses on the Songs of Common Prayer project.  -  Though I have not yet heard the entire CD, I commend it to you and invite you to listen to Rick's podcast.

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