Friday, April 18, 2008


Our family, like so many in our part of the country were awakened around 4:30 this morning by a 5.2 (the last figure I've heard) magnitude earthquake. Thankfully, such events are few and far between here in southern Indiana! Later today, while in my study at the church, I had the opportunity to experience a good "after shock" while being wide awake. Again, quite an experience!

Recognizing that we sustained no real damage from the quake, and infinitely more important, our family was kept safe (I have not yet heard of any real injuries, though there may have been some), I wish to invite you to join me in giving thanks to God:

Almighty God who spoke all that is into existence and who sustains all that exists by the power of your Word, You parted the Red Sea, caused the mountain to tremble and ordered the sun to stop and turn back. When your Son, our Lord, was in the boat, He calmed the raging sea with but a word of peace. To You, Holy God, we give thanks for your mercy and mighty power which has kept us safe this day. Be with all who have sustained damage to property, and especially with any who may have incurred injury. And, recognizing that an earthquake accompanied the death and resurrection of your Son, may this occasion be so transformed and used by your Holy Spirit that those who do not yet know You may be drawn to You by your grace. Continue to be with us and protect us, we pray. And in all things may all glory and honor be yours now and forever; in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.


Pastor Steven said...


That Earthquake was felt as far north as the Southbend area here in Indiana.


Pastor Steven

Anonymous said...

Glad to know that you and your family is safe. If you would allow, I would like to inquire about your experience with the Order of St. Luke. I am prayerfully considering membership and was curious to know how it has impacted your life and how much do you participate (or rather, what opportunities do they have)?

Pastor Amy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. I am a district licensed pastor in the Church of the Nazarene. I spend my teen years (was also confirmed) in the Catholic church. God used positive models in that church to restore me to Him and to my call (I was called to ministry when I was 12). They gay stuff...I minister to homosexuals who wish to leave the lifestyle. The gay news is on my blog for those who are skeptic that I, a Christian and minister, love the homosexual. I also like to keep up on "their" news so to interact with them and show where God can work in stories of interest to them. It tends to throw many off, but Jesus loves and cares for them too. Thanks for emailing me back about the Order. I'm still prayerfully considering it (as well as my husband). We reside in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

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