Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Wesley Movie!

Burgess Jenkins stars as John Wesley in "Wesley," a feature film on the spiritual journey of the founder of the Methodist movement.
UMNS photos courtesy of Foundery Pictures

The United Methodist News Service is reporting the development of a new movie about John Wesley. It was not clear to me whether the movie will be released in theaters or TV or dvd or what, but I'm hoping it will be at least comparable to the Luther movie that came out a while back.

For more information see the UMNS article here.

If anyone out there knows anything more about the movie, please report it in my comments section! If I find out anything more, I will be sure to post it.


free lotto said...

that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

We just attended the premiere of Wesley in Winston Salem, NC this weekend and were more than excited about the quality of the film. The attending crowd surrounded the theater with more attendees then there were tickets. There was an overall sense of great good will and joy in the theater when the film finished.

N. Boynton

Carolyn said...

If your church is interested in having Wesley come to your community, please go to the website

It's supposed to be showing in several cities after the first of the year but if enough interest is shown from your area, it can be brought to your town.

As a co-writer and the set designer, I am biased, but it IS a beautiful movie with spiritual message relevant to all.

Carolyn Haywood

Sheryl said...

Just saw Wesley movie, and loved it! The only problem if you want to call it one, is that it stops too soon--sure needs a sequel--but I called the company and they said there is no way short of a miracle, because the financial backing isn't there. Please o please, is there anyone out there wealthy enough to fund it before the actors are no longer available? Beautiful quality, great history obviously based on their journals--I don't know details well enough to "pick" at it as some likely will, but it rings quite true to me, and is VERY appealing, let's say 12-year-olds through the 80-somethings who just enjoyed it to pieces at my church last week! The whole Wesley early story, to america, failed love, back to England, and heart strangely warmed--followed by new purpose for his ministry, a stand-off with those who threatened his life, turned by God into something wonderful--it is EXCITING! Inspiring. Educational!

Sheryl said...

When showing it to a group, leave the subtitles on--it really helps, I think!

Sheryl said...

When showing it to a group, leave the subtitles on--it really helps, I think!