Friday, August 15, 2008

General Assembly Resolutions

In June of 2009 the Church of the Nazarene will be meeting for their General Assembly. Last month, our district (Southwest Indiana) made preparations for the G.A. by electing our delegation. One of the things that our delegation will do is review proposed resolutions presented to them by those on our district. They will either approve them, alter them, or reject them. If they approve them, they will become recommended resolutions from our district and be sent on to be reviewed in committee at the G.A. Depending upon who those committees vote, the resolutions may then be brought to the floor of the G.A. to be voted on by that body.

Two quadrennial assemblies ago, I presented resolutions to our district committee, but none of them passed the G.A. - I learned that it is very helpful for those resolutions to come from more than one source. Therefore, in preparation for the 2005 G.A., I not only presented my resolutions to our district delegation, I also emailed them to as many Nazarenes I could think of across the country (I don't really have a close connection with those outside the U.S., or I would have sent the resolutions to them, as well!). - As a result, two of my resolutions were actually adopted by the G.A., and resulted in two changes to our Manual (Book of Discipline)!

One person can make a difference!

This year, I am presenting nine resolutions to our delegation. I will, once again, work on my email list, as well. In addition, I am going to post those nine resolutions on my blog in the upcoming days. My hope is that those Nazarenes who read my resolutions and agree with them would print them out and get them to their districts' delegation. - In fact, I'm pleading with all Nazarenes who read my blog to do so! (Shameless, I know!)

Some of my resolutions, you may not agree with. Some, you may think to be trivial. However, if you do agree with a resolution or two (or nine), please get them to your delegation . . . And if you really agree with them, please consider sending them to Nazarenes you know on other districts.

Thank you for your help, and I will begin posting the proposed resolutions shortly!

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