Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas Season be filled with the peace & joy of Jesus the Christ!
(I apologize for the lack of posts necessitated by some personal issues. I expect to be back after the New Year . . . if not sooner. Please, check back.)


Pastor Steven said...

Merry Christmas Todd!



Anglican from Oklahoma said...

Hi, Rev'd Todd!

Came across your blog and it is good to find another member of OSL. Our traditional Episcopal church has much interest in healing and we have an OSL study group. Praying for others for healing is a wonderful component/privilege of our Christian faith.

Christmastide blessings to you!

Eric said...

how dare you let personal issues interfere with your blogging!!!

Merry Christmas

Br Eric+

Anonymous said...

I was referred to you by Eric Fry about the Order of St. Luke. I would love to discuss the Order and it's benefits to a Nazarene pastor. my blog is amylwilliams.wordpress.com.