Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Blog Link

Those who may pay attention to the blog links on the sidebar will note that I have removed Fr. Peter Matthew's link. It is not because he and I had a falling out, or anything! It is simply that Peter hasn't blogged forever. If he starts up, I will quickly reinstate him on my sidebar. (Peter is the rector/pastor of St. Patrick's AMiA Church in Lexington, KY. My professor from Asbury, Lester Ruth, attends worship there.)

Since I removed Fr. Peter's blog, I decided to add a blog. This one is "Where Good Guys Wear Black." It is written by a local Anglican in the United Episcopal Church. While I've only made it to his church twice (they worship on Saturday afternoons, which is just not the best time for this pastor!), I received a warm welcome from him, from (then, Fr., now) Bishop Wesley Nolden (gotta' love the first name!), and Presiding Bishop Stephen Reber.

At the time I first met David+, he was simply Mr. David Straw (or perhaps he was, at that time Deacon; not sure). Since then, he has not only become Fr. David Straw, but "The Venerable David Straw, Archdeacon." - (For those who aren't familiar, becoming "Archdeacon" is not like being "downgraded" from elder/presbyter/priest to deacon. It means that he is on the bishop's administrative staff, and he gets to wear a purple cassock. - How cool is that!) - Anyway, congrats to David+ and +Wes.

For those not familiar with the United Episcopal Church, you will discover, by clicking on the sidebar, that it is one of the "continuing" Anglican churches. It is not a part of the newly forming Anglican Church in North America. You will find, by reading David's+ blog, they are "old school" (i.e., they use the 1928 BCP).

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