Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Evening with Marva Dawn, Robert Webber & Dan Kimball: A Prologue

Recently, I have observed some discussion on and connected to Face Book concerning the "emergent movement," and "Emergent Nazarenes." The "emergents" were identified by "Concerned Nazarenes" as being less than Christian and more than dangerous. Additionally, a very large brush was being used to paint a wide variety of people as being emergent.

The late Robert Webber was included as a part of the (dangerous) emergent movement. First, I considered the labels to be far too general and too broad. Second, I took some issue with what was stated about Webber's role in the emergent movement. I should explain at this point, I have been greatly influenced by Bob Webber and his work, and I do not consider myself to be "emergent."

In the following two posts, I will be presenting a copy of my online response to a question given to one of my D.Min. classes a number of years ago. We were supposed to have imagined having coffee with Dan Kimball, Robert Webber, & Marva Dawn, and describe the conversation that would have taken place concerning worship. My response was nothing profound, but I had a lot of fun and others in the class seemed to enjoy it. - I hope that you do, as well. (I did take some liberties with the question.)

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