Friday, June 19, 2009

Following the Nazarene General Assembly

The Nazarene Communications Network is reporting the following concerning how one can keep up with what is going on at General Assembly:
"Articles, updates, and photos will be available at throughout the event. You can follow our news and updates at and discuss your General Assembly experience with hundred of other NCN News readers on our Facebook page."
In addition, as I have mentioned before, there will be at least a few items that I will blog about. However, due to the circumstances of travel, my comments may not be up-to-the-minute (i.e., they may be a bit late!).
The 27th General Assembly and Conventions will take place June 24 - July 2 in Orlando, FL.


Dr. Cunningham said...

The Nazarene Revolutionary Guard is headed to Orlando. The cult followers are making the hajj to the convention site. May our cult be protected.
Our day of liberation is drawing nigh.
Long Live Nazbollah. Long Live the Insurgency. Long Live the Nazarene Revolutionary Guard.

Todd Stepp said...

What was that?!