Tuesday, June 30, 2009


History has been made in the Church of the Nazarene! The General Assembly has elected our first General Superintendent born outside of the United States! (Well, actually, such is what was being reported at the G.A., but there were two prior; one from Canada & one from Scotland? - cf., comments & thanks for the correction!).
The Rev'd. Dr. Eugenio Duarte was born in the Cape Verde Islands, and comes to the episcopal office of General Superintendent from the position of Regional Director of the Africa Region!
More information about our newest General Superintendent can be found here and here.
More news to come! - For now . . . Praise be to God!!!


Anonymous said...

Not exactly. Samuel Young and Eugene Lawlor were previous non-US citizens GSs: Young from Scotland and Lawlor from Canada.

Todd Stepp said...

You are correct. - It was the excitement of the situation and what was being reported at the Assembly.

I'll make he correction.