Friday, July 17, 2009

Servants of the Master

Servants, as they must do their Master's work, so they must be for any work their Master has them to do: they must not pick and choose, this I will do, and that I will not do; they must not say this is too hard, or this is too mean, or this may be well enough let alone; good servants, when they have chosen their Master, will let their Master choose their work, and will not dispute His will.

(From John Wesley's Covenant Service)


Eric + said...

Thanks... I needed that today.

JREwing said...

The Elite Nazbollah Covert Strike Force has mobilized for an impending attack by agents of the evil organization known as "Naznet". Naznet guerrilla communications have been intercepted by the Nazarene Revolutionary Guard Special Ops Intelligence forces. These communications show that an attack is imminent. Our Magisterium in Lenexa has been warned of this plot.
We implore all loyal Nazarenes to rise up and defend the Holy Church. These infidel heretics have been known to spread their propaganda in order to brainwash the masses.
We ask all Nazarenes to read the Holy Book (The Manual), and seek the guidance of the written word. As one of our GS's said to the incoming GS, "may the Manual guide you in everything you need".
Rise up.......the day of liberation is near.
Long live the Insurgency! Long live Nazbollah! Long live the Nazarene Revolutionary Guard!