Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Sacramental Life

I'm pleased to announce that the newest edition of Sacramental Life is now available.

According to the journal, the purpose of Sacramental Life is "to provide help for persons who have responsibility for the worship and sacramental life in the local church." The journal provides articles "that are practical as well as being historically and theologically sound." It is published four times a year by the Order of Saint Luke.

The most recent issue is Volume XXI, Number 3, Summer 2009. (Yes, Summer 2009! There was a change in the office of editor, and, consequently, the production took a little extra time.) - The cost of the journal for none OSL members is $5.00 an issue. (OSL members receive this, as well as the more academic Doxology as a part of their membership.)

The reason for my excitement about this particular issue is that it includes one of my articles. The title of the article is, "An OSL Nazarene Reports on the Twenty-Seventh General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene." The article does not report on all of the happenings of the General Assembly. Rather, it focuses on the significant business undertaken by the Assembly which would be of specific interest to members of the OSL. In other words, it focuses, primarily, on sacramental issues, as well as the Assembly's actions concerning holy orders. (I do, also, mention the historical elections of the Rev'd. Jennifer Brown as Global President of Nazarene Missions International and The Rev'd. Dr. Eugenio Duarte to the episcopal office of General Superintendent.)

This is the third article I have had published in this journal. My first article, "One in Christ: Around the Table, In Prayer, and Confessing Our Faith," was published in Volume XV, Number2, Spring 2003. My second article, "Wesleyan-Holiness Prayers with Beads," appeared in Volume XIX, Number 3, Summer 2007. Additionally, I have recently been honored by being named one of the editorial consultants (in the area of Wesley Studies) for the journal.

The Order of Saint Luke is "A Religious Order in the United Methodist Church, Dedicated to Liturgical and Sacramental Scholarship, Education, and Practice." It is ". . . a dispersed community of women and men, lay and clergy, from many different denominations . . . The Order is Wesleyan and Lukan in its spirituality, Methodist in its origin, sacramental in its practice, and ecumenical in its outlook." - I encourage all readers of this blog to check out the Order via the links in this article, or the one listed on the sidebar.

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