Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OSL Has A New Look

If you have not visited the website for the Order of Saint Luke lately (or ever), I would encourage you to take a look!

Br. Roger Bake, O.S.L. has been appointed the Webscribe for the Order, and he has done a fantastic job of redesigning the website.

In addition to the new look, you will all kinds of information about the Order, as well as a number of very helpful resources for those concerned with the liturgical and sacramental nature and practice of the Church.

You can link to the website by clicking here.


Eric + said...

Thanks Todd... I've been away from my computer lately. I'll have to go over and check it out.

BTW... have you seen or heard anything about this:


Br. Eric

Todd Stepp said...

Don't know a thing about it, Eric.

I see that as one way we may be implimenting the resolution passed by G.A. - I'm very pleased with it. However, I hope it is not all we do (especially since it appears to have been initiated by The Wesleyan Church).

I'm still hoping they spend serious time on the posibility of merger.

Amy said...

Looks great. I still haven't taken the step of faith and joined yet. I should pay a visit since I live so closely. Would anyone know who I should call to make a visit?

Todd Stepp said...


Not quite sure what you are asking. - If you are talking about being close to the White Sulphur Springs address, you would want to contact our Chanceler-General, Br. Brent Sturm. He is the pastor of the local UMC.

I'm not sure about posting his number on this site, but I think it is readily available on the OSL site.