Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sanctuary Sights and Senses: Procession

The following is the eleventh installment in my bulletin insert series:

Procession - Sometimes the procession at the start of worship is seen by some as a neat or impressive “high church” way of getting the choir to the choir loft. However, such a view completely misses what the procession is really all about.

To quote Robert Webber, “A procession is an act of movement in worship by a group of people for the sake of all. In the Entrance, the procession symbolizes the entire congregation coming before the Lord.”

When we see a procession at the beginning of worship, we are not supposed to be looking at particular people. We are not supposed to be “impressed.” Rather, we are supposed to be caught up with the fact that we are all entering into the very presence of God (into the presence of Christ our King!) in order to worship our God with all that is in us.

The general order of a procession would be:

- The crucifer or cross bearer. (We are all supposed to follow Christ who is symbolized by the cross.)

- The acolytes (The light, also symbolizes Christ, the Light of the world.)

- Banner carriers

- Scripture readers (who may carry a Bible or Gospel book).

- The choir

- Clergy

The procession is supposed to produce a spirit of joyful anticipation as we enter to worship before the presence of our Lord.

Information was gathered from the following resources:

Webber, Robert. Ed. The Complete Library of Christian Worship. Vol. 3, The Renewal of Sunday Worship. Star Song P. Nashville, TN 1993.


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Todd Stepp said...

Please express a bit more clearly what you (whoever you might be) are calling me to "REPENT" of.

If you truly believe that there is something in this post of which I need to repent, then it would be your Christian duty to make that clear.

Thus far, I do not understand how desiring to enter into the presence of God in order to joyfully worship God with all that is in us, in Spirit and in Truth, is something I should repent of.

Please clarify.


Eric + said...

I think you can remove "anonymous" as a posting option.

Perhaps, in this season of Advent, anonymous is the Ghost of John the Baptizer simply calling you to "prepare the way of the Lord."

But then again that sounds a bit too much like a procession doesn't it...