Friday, March 16, 2012

Board of General Superintendents Support Statement

Nazarene General Superintendents
Recently, I emailed our jurisdictional general superintendent to ask if the Board of General Superintendents had made any statement concerning the President's health care plans and the Roman Catholic Church.  I encouraged them to make a statement in support of our sisters and brothers from Rome, sending a letter to their bishops and to the President and other leaders in Washington.

Today, the Nazarene Communications Network has reported that the BGS has issued a statement supporting the statement made by the National Association of Evangelicals (the Church of the Nazarene being a member denomination of the NAE).

That story, and the statement, can be read, here.

I am thankful that the BGS took up this issue in their February meeting.  It is unclear (to me), however, as to whether any letter of support will be sent to anyone.  It is my hope that such a statement of support would be generated to the NAE, the Roman Catholic Bishops, the President, etc.

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