Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sidebar Changes

Over the past few days I have made a number of changes to the sidebar of the Wesleyan/Anglican blog.  I have reorganized a number of links, added several new headings and links, and deleted a few links.

The changes that I have made include adding sections for most of the groups within which the Church of the Nazarene is a member denomination, along with links to the other denominations which hold membership in those groups.  I have added a section on Wesleyan/Anglican Beliefs and a listing of various Books of Common Prayer.  (By the way, if anyone knows of a link to an online copy of Wesley's The Sunday Service of the Methodists in North America, please let me know.  The version I have linked to is a British version, which does make some changes from the North American version.)  Additionally, I have added new links under already existing headings.

I will likely be adding some blog links in the days to come, as well.

I encourage readers to take a look.  You may find some interesting links!