Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nazarene D.S. In Bishop's Attire

My attention was recently drawn to a news article from Nazarene Communications Network.  It is the story of the new district superintendent for the Kenya Eastern District, the Rev'd. Augustus Musili.  -  The article can be read, here.

The thing that caught my attention (and the reason it was pointed out) is that the (NAZARENE) superintendent is not only wearing a clerical collar, but he is wearing a purple (i.e., a BISHOP'S) shirt!  -  How great is that?!

This is heartening on multiple levels.

First, the idea that Nazarenes in other parts of the world embrace some of that which is consistent with our Wesleyan/Anglican heritage is fantastic.

Second, I am quite pleased to see that NCN has not shied away from publishing this picture.  That shows a willingness to embrace such attire as being "Nazarene" (at least Nazarene enough!).

Also, it is awesome that the ds is not just wearing the clerical shirt, but a bishop's shirt!  Such reinforces the argument that I made last year that for Wesleyans (at least Nazarenes), the episcopacy lies in the superintendency (not just the general superintendency).

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