Wednesday, June 6, 2012

J. K. ("K" I Say) Warrick Brings Greetings to The Wesleyan Church

Nazarene General Superintendent, J. K. Warrick brought episcopal & fraternal greetings to the General Conference of The Wesleyan Church.  (The reason for the title, above, as you will see, is that they got his name wrong.  Ooops.)

I did not watch the live streaming coverage of the entire General Conference.  As indicated in my previous articles, I was mainly interested in the one g.s. model proposal and the election of that g.s.. Therefore, I did not see Dr. Warrick's greeting as it happened.  It appears that the greeting was a live video feed.
Here is Dr. Warrick's greeting:

Along with Dr. Warrick, I celebrate the relationship that exists between the Church of the Nazarene and The Wesleyan Church.  She is our closest sister denomination, and, as long time followers of my blog will likely know, I have previously supported the idea of merger between our two churches.  In fact, I have done so, not only vocally, but actively by sending a resolution to the Nazarene General Assembly, and by talks with my presiding general superintendent and one of their general superintendents (both of whom are now retired).  -  It seems, though, that the wisdom of the two groups has seen fit to strengthen our partnership rather than work toward organic union.

I do recognize that there are strong strands of fundamentalism within The Wesleyan Church, and that a merger would likely not do much for my liturgical goals.  Still, I think the plusses of merger far out-weigh the minuses.  Not to mention, I have family in TWC, and have ministered in local Wesleyan churches on a number of occasions.  Therefore, I do indeed embrace our continued close partnership, and I am thankful for Dr. Warrick's address.

(I am still looking for indications of fraternal greetings from other denominations at the Wesleyan General Conference.)

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