Monday, June 4, 2012

Wesleyan General Conference (Updated)

The original article is posted, below.  However, the vote on the One General Superintendent Model has been cast.  The General Conference has passed the model 61% to 39%.

They have also suspended the rule concerning the election of an incumbent, so as to have an open ballot when they come to elect the person who will be the one general superintendent.

The original article follows:

The Wesleyan Church is currently (until June 6) meeting in General Conference.  -  The schedule for the Conference can be viewed, here.

As of the typing of this post, the Wesleyan G.C. is currently debating the move to a single general superintendent structure.  The Conference can be viewed live, here.

Let us be in prayer for our sisters and brothers as they meet in Conference.


Todd Stepp said...

Surprisingly, the implication of one of the delegate's comments is that the proposed change would NOT give district superintendents power to ordain. I had assumed that with a single g.s., ordination would need to be delegated to the d.s. - It seems that my assumption has been wrong.

Todd Stepp said...

The answer to the previous comment (coming from a general board member) is that g.s. emeriti would be called upon to ordain where the g.s. in office cannot be present.