Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Phase 1 of the Formation of the Wesleyan-Anglican Society

After much preparation, we are now in phase one of the process of forming the new Wesleyan-Anglican Society.  It has been decided that the formation process will take place on the Wesleyan/Anglican Facebook page.

The process that we are working through will take place through four initial phases.  They are as follows:

1.)  The posting of the initial constitution in the documents section of the Wesleyan/Anglican Facebook page, and the invitation of comments and/or suggestions.  (I put the constitution together based on the discussions on the Facebook page, and I used the constitutions of the Order of St. Luke and the Wesleyan Theological Society as models.  There are some parts that will need completion.)

2.) After a period of time, we will have an online "vote" (on the W/A fb page) for the adoption of the initial constitution, allowing the elected executive committee to make necessary changes, which will be brought back to the membership at a future time. - And allowing that those who affirm the initial constitution will be understood, at that time, to be members of the society. (Upon organization and completion of the constitution, membership will proceed in accordance with the constitution.)

3.) After the "vote," we will ask members who are willing to serve the Society in office to submit their names. (Further biographical information will then be gathered and posted in the document section.) - Because of the nature of an initial election, we could elect each position separately (president, first, with vp, secretary, etc. to follow). The vote would have to have deadlines, e.g., if we opened the voting on Mon., we could end it on Fri.

4.) Upon the election of officers, the executive committee could finalize the constitution and determine how to submit it to the membership for a final vote. At the same time, they could make plans for an initial meeting of the Society.

Phase 1 of this process is going on at this time.  The initial proposed constitution has been posted, and the discussion has begun!

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