Monday, August 20, 2012

Wesleayn-Anglican Constitution & General Assembly Resolutions

I confess, I haven't spent much time on the blog in recent days.  The primary reason is that I have been spending more time in two areas.  The first is the attempt to put together a preliminary Constitution for the newly forming Wesleyan-Anglican Society.

A considerable effort was put forth in developing the Constitution based upon the discussions taking place on the Wesleyan/Anglican Facebook page using the Constitutions of the Order of Saint Luke and the Wesleyan Theological Society as models.  Then, after uploading that Constitution, came the various comments and questions.  Thanks to members of the Facebook page (especially Michael W. Arnold), the Constitution was revised and is now up for more discussions.

The hope is that we will be able to adopt the Constitution, soon.  Then, we can establish an initial membership and elect officers.

I would encourage anyone who may be interested in the Wesleyan-Anglican Society to check out the proposed initial Constitution (as revised) on the Facebook page.

In addition to the Wesleyan-Anglican Society, I have been working on resolutions for the 2013 General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene.  This time around, I have proposed eight resolutions.  For those who were reading this blog four years ago, a couple of the resolutions will look familiar.  The truth is, not all of the resolutions will likely be of interest to the readers of this blog.  However, I will be posting all of them, again, this time around, so that other Nazarenes will have the opportunity to copy them and present them to their General Assembly delegates.  (The more districts that put these forward, the better, so, if you are a Nazarene, PLEASE, PLEASE present them to your delegation!)

The resolutions focus on the following areas:

1.)  Baptism and Church Membership

2.)  The relationship between Deacons and Elders

3.)  The Ritual for the Baptism of Infants

4.)  The Church Government Flow Chart

5.)  The Official Anthem of the Church of the Nazarene

6.)  Ordination and the Superintendency

7.)  The Article of Faith on Baptism, and

8.)  The Article of Faith on the Lord's Supper

I will be posting each of these resolutions on this blog in the near future.  -  In case I fail to remember to include this with the post of each resolution, underlined words are words to be added, and bracketed words are words to be deleted.


Avey said...

A Nazarene Anthem (reaches for bucket and throws up)!

Todd Stepp said...

Now, Avey! What is that about?

Avey said...

We in the UK become rather disturbed at the idea of Anthems....... should we Nazarenes also kneel down in the direction of Kansas as well? Far more important things to be concerned about than some of these......

Todd Stepp said...

Certainly more important things than some of these. Though I would say that some are rather important. But, whether there are more important things or not, the g.a. is the only place for any of these things to happen.

Not sure, either, what disturbes you about the idea of Anthems. Don't know why the idea of an anthem raises questions of kneeling down in the direction of Kansas.

It seems to me that if delegates don't like it, they won't vote for it. Perhaps it won't make it out of committee. Perhaps my district delegation won't even present it. But, perhaps, you might want to read the actual resolutions (once posted) before grabbing the bucket.

This particular resolution is just about making "official" what, from what I understand, is unofficial around the world. However, my understanding could be off, and it may only be an American thing.

Avey said...

Maybe you spend sometime in our European Nazarene churches...... you would understand my comments about Kansas..... many others agree according fortunately.... some Americans included.

So glad some of us have non-conformist roots - just like Wesley in his thoughts and actions and others in his family...

Todd Stepp said...


There are plenty of American Nazarenes who dislike Kansas, as well. I am not always happy about everything that happens there, believe me.

There are distinctions, though, between Wesley being a nonconformist and our setting. One is a host of denominational affiliations which one can freely make. And, despite issues that Wesley had with bishops and other priests, etc, he was a professed high churchman committed to the Church of England (even with his Methodist inovations).

Today, if one doesn't value a connectional system, one is free to be a part of a looser nit group or be completely independent. It sure beats the frustration of dealing with a system that you disdain. (Though I do think that the Scriptures speak to us about submission and authority.)

So, again, I understand one saying that they don't think we need an anthem, etc. I get the disagreements. I just don't get the response that you present. - But I guess it is YOUR response, and you are free to feel the way you do.