Wednesday, November 21, 2012

General Assembly Resolutions Report

While my own district's General Assembly committee will not be meeting until after the Thanksgiving holiday, I have received word that at least one other district has taken action on some of my resolutions for the 2013 General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene.

My friend (and Vice President of the newly formed Wesleyan-Anglican Society), Eric Frey submitted six of my eight resolutions to his district's committee.  He has reported that the East Ohio delegation has approved five of my resolutions.  As I understand it, the resolutions approved are those dealing with the following:  Ordination & the Superintendency, Baptism & Membership, The Lord's Supper Article of Faith, The Ritual for Infant Baptism, and the Article of Faith on Baptism

East Ohio was a great help at the last General Assembly by sponsor the Baptism & Membership resolution, at that time.  That Assembly voted to sending it to the Board of General Superintendents, so I expect that they will be presenting their own resolution at the 2013 meeting.  My hope is that it will be one that affirms my resolution.

Thank you to Eric for submitting these to his district.  I know that there is at least one other district, besides my own district, that will be considering some of these resolution.  As soon as I hear the results of these meetings, I will be reporting them on this blog.  Of course, when General Assembly comes around, I will be posting the final actions.

The five resolutions, above, can be reviewed via the links provided.  These and the other three resolutions can be found on my blog under my August 22, 2012 posts.

If you are a Nazarene and are in favor of any or all of these resolutions, and if your General Assembly delegation has not yet met, I would urge you to copy these resolutions and present them to your District Secretary/Superintendent for their consideration!  (Even if they have met, you could contact your D.S.; they could still consider them!)

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