Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nazarene General Superintendents' Annual Report

Nazarene Board of General Superintendents
Nazarene Communications Network has reported that the Rev'd. Dr. Stan A. Toler, general superintendent,  presented the Annual Report of the Board of General Superintendents to the General Board this past Sunday, 24 February.  The report, "The Radical Optimism of Grace," can be read in its entirety, here.

The report indicates that the total number of Nazarenes now in 159 world areas has reached 2.15 million.  -  It shows that $38.3 million was given by Nazarenes for the World Evangelism Fund, this past year.  Out of that amount, 94% was given by Nazarenes in the U.S. & Canada.

This report precedes the 28th General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene, which will take place in Indianapolis, IN, beginning the 23rd of June, this year.  During that Assembly, two of the six Nazarene general superintendents will be retiring: The Rev'd. Dr. Jesse C. Middendorf, and the presenter of the report, +Stan Toler.

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