Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Day to Join As a "Founding Member" of the Wesleyan-Anglican Society

Aldersgate Day (see the post, below) is the official start of the year for the Wesleyan- Anglican Society.   It is also the last day to join the Society as a "Founding Member."   If you have not already joined the Society, but would would like to do so, I would encourage you to read the Constitution.  It can be found in the files section of the Wesleyan/Anglican Facebook page, here.  Then, those wishing to join can message me (through Facebook), stating your desire to be a member.   Please include in that message your name, address, phone, email, denomination/jurisdiction, and your clergy/laity status (if the former, which order).   I will then add your name to the Founding Member's list.

(Dues have been set at $30 & $15 for students, with the possibility of a waiver if there is a financial issue. We are not yet collecting dues, but are working on getting a bank account set up.)  

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