Friday, May 31, 2013

One Way of Moving to a Weekly Celebration of the Sacrament

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Teddy Ray has posted an article on his site presenting a way to move a congregation to a weekly celebration of the Eucharistic sacrament. 

I have pointed out that his article is United Methodist specific in a couple of ways, especially when it comes to what to do if the congregation does not end up "on board."  First, it assumes a certain pastoral authority when it comes to ordering worship.  While some in other Methodist traditions (e.g., The Wesleyan Church or the Church of the Nazarene) may agree, theologically (or not), the fact is The Book of Discipline gives United Methodist pastors such authority.  The Nazarene Manual (and I believe it is the case with the Wesleyan Discipline) is less explicit in this matter.  Second, he assumes an assured appointment system.  This is not the case for those in a call system.  So, for those in a call system, the "fall out" for moving ahead if the congregation is not "on board" can be much greater.

Still, I think that the article is a good read for all of those who see the move to a weekly celebration of the sacrament as of vital importance in the life of the Church.

The article can be found, here. 

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