Monday, June 24, 2013

Fraternal Delegates

The General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene has entered into the actual business phase. 

I was very pleased that our general superintendents were faithful to their episcopal position by calling the delegation and guests to an hour of prayer during the first hour of business.

Another thing that I was very pleased to hear was that our fraternal delegates from sister denominations included (perhaps for the first time?!) a representative of the United Methodist Church.  We have always been invited to their General Conference, but they have not been included in our General Assembly.  Instead we have tended to stick with our closest Wesleyan-holiness sister denominations.  This time we have included the UMC, as well.

The full list of denominations represented by fraternal delegates includes:  The United Methodist Church, The Wesleyan Church, the Brethren in Christ, the Salvation Army, the Evangelical Methodist Church, the Evangelical Church, the Free Methodist Church, and the Missionary Church.  (It may very well be that others were also invited, but these are the ones who have attended).

I plan to be updating the blog on business decisions that I consider to be significant (or at least those things that I am more interested in!)

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