Monday, June 24, 2013

New Logo

Well, there is not much news from the General Assembly, thus far.  One more session to go for the evening (7:30 - 9:30 pm).  -  I am hopeful that we will elect a new general superintendent (i.e., bishop) this evening.  Time will tell.

One thing that was revealed last week was a new logo for the denomination.  It has met with mixed reviews.  Here is the video that introduces it:

So, what do you think?


SusanU said...

I didn't realize they were going to change it until a few days after it was introduced. Having only ever known the one introduced by GS Johnson, it is going to take me awhile to get used to this.

Todd Stepp said...

Well, Susan, this is being presented as an addition to, rather than a replacement of. That is, the "official seal" remains the "official seal," but this becomes the "official logo."

Actually, the information given in the newsletters at G.A. wrong when it stated that the official seal is embossed on every ordination certificate. Well, an official seal is there, but it is not the "Holiness Unto the LORD, dove, flame, Bible" seal. Someone did not do their homework when they put that out.

John Patterson said...

It seems to me, unfortunately it similar to symbols used the American Neo-Nazi organizations.

Todd Stepp said...

An interesting comment, John Patterson. - I ran a quick image search, and I saw absolutely nothing from American Neo-Nazis that looked even remotely like the new Church of the Nazarene logo. Could you provide a link to an image?