Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wesleyan-Anglican Society News

The Wesleyan-Anglican Society now has a new banner (above) and our new, official seal (below).  We also have a new website, though it is in its very early stages.  (It is still best to connect with the Society through our Facebook page.)

Our membership comes from various Wesleyan/Methodist & Anglican denominations.  It is international in scope.

We are still trying to overcome some hurdles in establishing our bank account, so that we can proceed in collecting dues from members.  However, for the time being, we are still accepting new members, and we will get information concerning dues to our members once we establish our account.  (Dues have been set at $30 and $15 for students.  However, a waiver may be granted due to financial concerns.)

Our constitution can be found in the files section of our Facebook page.  -  I would encourage those who visit this blog to take a look at the constitution and consider whether membership in the Society might be for you!  (Joining the Wesleyan/Anglican Facebook group does NOT constitute membership in the Society.)

At this time, membership requests may be sent to me via Facebook messaging.  If you are not on Facebook you can comment, below, leaving me your email address.

We have a growing membership, and it is my hope that YOU will choose to be a part of it!

Todd A. Stepp+
Wesleyan-Anglican Society

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