Thursday, August 21, 2014


It is with great joy that I am announcing to the readers of this blog that the Wesleyan-Anglican Society is now ready to receive members and dues via our website!

It has taken quite a while to organize, incorporate, get a bank account, and set up our website and Paypal account, but WE ARE FINALLY READY!

Over the past year, we have taken in members via email and Facebook messaging, but we had not had the capability of receiving our annual dues.  Now, all of that has changed.

I want to encourage the readers of this blog to go to our website, and click on the membership link.  There you can access the Constitution and the Application Form.  You can also make payment of dues via Paypal, or you can write a check, if you prefer.

I would also encourage you to join the Wesleyan/Anglican Facebook page, where members and friends of the Society are able to dialogue about all things Wesleyan & Anglican.

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