Thursday, December 11, 2014


The Wesleyan-Anglican Society has an opportunity to possibly have a table in the exhibit hall during the Church of the Nazarene's Mission 15 Conference, February 9-11.

The M-15 Conference is the largest all-church gathering for Nazarenes in the U.S. & Canada between general assemblies. To have a table in the exhibition hall at this even would potentially give the WAS A LOT of exposure!

The cost of having a table is $400, and would be due in January. However, because of the lackluster response to our official membership process, we do not have the money needed to purchase a spot. Therefore, even though membership in the Society runs from Aldersgate (May 24) to Aldersgate, we are offering everyone who goes to our website, fills out the membership application and pays their dues during the month of December, not only current year membership, but 2015-2016 membership, as well! (And, yes, we will grandfather in those who have been faithful and have already paid dues AND filled out membership applications. Some have not done both!)

The WAS website can be found, here.

Join the Society, today!

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