Friday, May 15, 2015

An Excellent Graduation Gift

This post is not related to anything liturgical or sacramental or even Wesleyan or Anglican.  However, it is pastoral in nature.

Graduation season is upon us.  During this season, pastors are always looking for something appropriate to give to high school (and college, etc.) graduates.  They usually want to give something that is somehow "spiritual" (whatever that means).  After all, it is coming from the pastor!  -  The Christian bookstores have all of those "Devotions for Graduates" books, which are fine.  But, if you are like me, you often see those as the kind of default gift when you can't find anything else.

However, I have a suggestion that I think is especially appropriate for those young ladies who are graduating from high school.  It is an excellent, little book by author and speaker, Missy Helderman.  The book is title, She Believes: Uniquely Designed with Purpose in Mind.

I've known Missy for quite some time.  (We won't say how long!)  We graduated from Floyd Central High School together, and while in high school, we were both active members of the "Good News Club."  She is a good friend and a wonderful Christian woman.

When I first heard that she had written a book, I was the first to sign up to get a copy, and I was not disappointed!  I had my college age daughter read the book after I finished it, and she agreed that this would be very appropriate for young ladies graduating from high school.  -  Now, I don't mean to imply that the book is only appropriate for such young ladies!  In fact I would recommend it for any who are seeking to discover who they are and what their life is all about.  But, as a pastor, I immediately thought, this would be a great graduation gift!

I would encourage you to take a look at Missy's website.  There you can read about Missy and take a closer look at her book.  Or you can go straight for the purchase for just $9.99, here!
 The promo. for the book says:

Are you feeling like a round peg in a square hole but dream of more? …a life a purpose?
Have you wondered why no matter how hard you try to be what others expect, there are things you just can’t seem to change?
She Believes takes you on a journey that leads to freedom to be who God created, dream the dreams placed within you, and do what only you can do…what you were created for.
Discover, Embrace & CELEBRATE the design God intentionally tailored within you for purpose & destiny.
Your Design Matters !
And here is what people are saying about the book: 

God takes each of us through a journey of discovery, a journey of connecting with our heavenly Father and growing into who He has created us to be. I firmly believe God has created each of us as a beautiful daughter with a unique and fulfilling destiny. Missy does an excellent job of guiding the reader of She Believes into a graceful and anointed process of personal growth and spiritual encounter with destiny. I highly recommend this book to all women who desire to live a life beyond the limits and kingdom adventure.
~Rebecca Greenwood
President, Christian Harvest International, Strategic Prayer Action Network
If you truly desire to discover, understand, and embrace your God-given design, then this book is the key to unlock that process for you. She Believes takes you on a transformative journey that will challenge and inspire you to draw closer to God in order to reflect His glory and to live out your purpose. With practical and powerful insight, that can only be gained by going through the fire and emerging refined + renewed, Missy shares tools, strategies and prayers that work! Her heart for seeing women experience true freedom, healing, and wholeness is evident on every page.  I have no doubt that God is going to use this book to encourage, uplift and launch His daughters into greatness.
 ~Ilesha “CoCo” Graham
Speaker + Founder, Flourishing Women Ministries
Missy Helderman’s “She Believes” is an inspiring small book with big concepts about the journey we all face. A journey that brings us to the heart of who we are and what we were  destined to be.  A delightful quick read that will encourage and inspire! I found it enlightening and thought provoking.
~ Dr. Dallas Eggemeyer
Lightbearers International, Atlanta, GA

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