Friday, October 28, 2016

General Assembly Resolution Concerning the Biblical Support of Stewards

                           STEWARDS/SCRIPTURAL SUPPORT                                                             138.2

138.2.  To provide assistance and support for the needy and distressed. A biblical role of lay leaders is that of ministering in areas of practical service ([Acts 6:1-3;] Romans 12:6-8).  Therefore stewards should offer their time and spiritual gifts in acts of service, administration, encouragement, mercy, visitation, and other ministries. 


1.  The seven people listed in Acts 6:1-6 have historically been understood to be the first deacons.  This understanding is found within our own Wesleyan tradition, as demonstrated in the ecumenical reports of the World Methodist Council (of which the Church of the Nazarene is a member).  And, since the Church of the Nazarenes ordains deacons, the Acts 6 passage is better used to support our understanding of ordained deacons, rather than as an example of lay leaders.


2.  The Romans 12 passage is sufficient support of the biblical role of lay leaders ministering in areas of practical service.

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