Friday, October 28, 2016

General Assembly Resolution Concerning the Church Government Flow Chart

CHURCH GOVERNMENT FLOW CHART                                          Historical Statement, page 25

Under the box for LOCAL CHURCH:  (elects pastor and local church board. [; manages local church finances; has charge of all other matters pertaining to its local life and work])

Insert a box for PASTOR Paragraphs 115, 513-521

Insert below the new box for PASTOR, (elected by the local church, nominated by the church board, approved by the district superintendent, to give oversight of a local church)

Insert a box for LOCAL CHURCH BOARD Paragraphs 127-.1, 129-130

Insert below the new box for LOCAL CHURCH BOARD, (elected by the local church to manage local church finances and have charge of all other matters pertaining to the life and work of the local church)


1.  The current flow chart gives the inaccurate impression that our government, on the local level, is purely congregational, when in fact it includes pastoral oversight and is representative.  It is simply an inaccurate flow chart.

 2.  The current flow chart is inconsistent with how it represents the local government in comparison to the way it represents the general and district government.

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