Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lent and Prayer & Fasting Bookmarks

Lent is nearly upon us! One thing I have done as a part of the Lenten observance over the years is to provide for my congregations the Prayer & Fasting bookmarks provided by World Methodist Evangelism.

These bookmarks include an explanation and challenge on one side.  On the other, there are prayers for Thursday Evening, Morning Prayer, Mealtime Prayer, and a Prayer for Breaking Fast.  The bookmarks call on us to join with other Wesleyan/Methodist Christians in more than 130 countries who practice the same weekly fast which John Wesley observed most of his life. The Friday fasts are focused in prayer on the vision that we would be empowered to become channels for the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. 

As an elder in a WMC denomination, serving in another WMC denomination; as a representative on the WMC, itself, and a member of the Order of the FLAME through World Methodist Evangelism, I heartily commend these bookmarks to you and to your congregation!  -  Further, if you are a member of the Wesleyan-Anglican Society, I would remind you that, in our "Special Rules," we encourage Society members to seek to "follow the Wesleyan Pattern of Prayer and Fasting" as encouraged by the World Methodist Council.

You can purchase the book marks (unfortunately, they are no longer free), by making contact with folks from World Methodist Evangelism.  

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