Thursday, February 23, 2017


The meeting of the Wesleyan Theological Society is close approaching (March 3-4).  Along with that meeting comes all of the affiliate Society meetings (March 2).  Among them is the meeting of the newly formed Wesleyan Liturgical Society.

The Wesleyan Liturgical Society had its first meeting last year when WTS met  at Point Loma Nazarene University in California.  Our keynote speaker during that meeting was my doctoral professor and mentor, Dr. Lester Ruth.  During that meeting, an oversight committee was formed to plan for this year's meeting.  I was honored to be a part of that three person committee (plus one, Dr. Brent Peterson, who has really been the moving force behind the organization of the WLS).

This year, the WLS will be meeting in affiliation with the WTS at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.  (Asbury is where I did my D.Min).  In this meeting we are planning to set the broad range covered by Wesleyan worship.  We will have Dr. Steven Hoskins (Trevecca Nazarene University) who will be talking to us about Cane Ridge and the camp meeting.  On the other end of the spectrum will be Dr. Winfield Bevin's (Asbury Theological Seminary) presentation on Eucharist and Mission, presenting the "Anglican side" of Wesleyan worship.  In the middle will be a presentation by our keynote speaker (and we are really thrilled to have her), Dr. Karen Westerfield Tucker (Boston University School of Theology).

These presentations are intended to provide "book ends," if you will; setting the scope of what fits under the broad tent of "Wesleyan Liturgy."  -  With this set, there will be an actual call for papers for the 2018 meeting.

One of the exciting things for me is that the Wesleyan-Anglican Society will have an actual presence at the meeting.  The WAS will lead a service of Evening Prayer following Dr. Bevin's presentation.  It is a WLS event, but it will be led by the WAS!

In addition, though it is not an official WAS event, I have been asked to lead the opening Eucharistic service for the Wesleyan Theological Society, the next day.  So, by extension, the WAS will be present (though not "officially") at the WTS meeting.

I would ask for your prayers for both of these services.  It's a lot to put together, especially since it falls on the Thursday and Friday following Ash Wednesday!
If you have not made plans to attend the WTS meeting, you can still do so by following the link, here. 

(And, if you will be attending, and are a member of the Wesleyan-Anglican Society, comment, below, so I will be able to make contact with you, there.  -  If you are not a member of the WAS, check us out on Facebook or at our website!) 

I hope to see you at Asbury!

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