Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Church Meetings

Earlier I wrote concerning the general conference of the United Methodist Church and The Wesleyan Church, both of which are sister Wesleyan/Methodist denominations to the Church of the Nazarene (though the latter is, of course, much closer to us). In addition, the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) just concluded their general conference, last week, and the African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AMEZ) Church began their general conference yesterday.

There seems to be very little that took place at the AME general conference that would be of much interest to those outside of the AME Church. One exception is that they did discuss the institution of a permanent order of deacons. Such a move would bring them in line with the UMC, as well as the Church of the Nazarene. However, they declined to do so, retaining, instead, their transitional deacon orders.
One other note of interest in these political times is that Senator Barack Obama spoke at the general conference. It was reported that Senator John McCain received an invitation to speak, as well, be failed to accept it.

Upon the heals of The Wesleyan Church's election of their first female General Superintendent (though probably without reference or even any thought given to The Wesleyan Church's action), it has publicly been asked if the AMEZ Church is ready to elect their first female Bishop. - Time will tell.

One thing is certain, it would be good for all of us in the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition to hold up our sisters and brothers in the AMEZ as they meet in general conference. - May God grant them wisdom and direction in all their decisions, and may God grant to them renewal and revival by the Holy Spirit.

Across the pond, the Anglicans have begun their every ten year (or so) meeting of bishops at Lambeth. This meeting will take place with a quarter of the Anglican bishops declining to attend in protest of "liberal" actions of The Episcopal Church in America (especially regarding homosexuality) and those who share similar sentiments.

It is clear that the Anglican Communion is in very bad shape. Schism is not just knocking on their ecclesiastic door, but about to knock it down, and it appears that there is nothing that Archbishop of Canterbury can (or will) do about it.

Anglicanism has splintered in America, with the "orthodox" groups forming their "Common Cause Partnership." Many Anglo-catholics in England are on their way to Rome, after the Church of England voted to ordain women as bishops. - They certainly need the prayers of all faithful Christians.
Closer to home, and not nearly as significant globally or denominationally, my own Southwest Indiana District of the Church of the Nazarene prepares to meet at our annual district assembly, next week. - We, too, would appreciate any prayers prayed on our behalf.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Calling Dr. Berrian

I apologize to those who graciously view my blog from time to time for not keeping up with my blogging. It has been a very busy summer! - I will try to do better in the near future.

I also apologize for using a blog article in the way that I am now using it. However, it seems that Dr. Berrian made a comment on July 8 in reference to my April 25 post on "How a Wesleyan Goes to Scripture" (below), and I have just now discovered it. I posted a response, but since it is an older article, I'm not sure that Dr. Berrian will be checking it.

So, Dr. Berrian, if you are out there, I would appreciate your checking out my reply, and I would very much appreciate your help in understanding what you were trying to say in your post.

Thank you!