Friday, August 15, 2008

AME Zion Makes History

As pointed out in the comments on my previous post, the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church did, indeed, make history by electing their first female bishop! The Rev'd. Mildred B. Hines was elected to the episcopacy during their recent General conference.

With the AME, the AMEZ, the Church of the Nazarene, the UMC, and The Wesleyan churches all having taken the step of electing women to the episcopal role, one wonders if the CME and the Free Methodists churches will do the same during their next General Conferences.

In addition to electing Rev'd. Hines as bishop, I am happy to report that one of the other two elected to the episcopacy was the Rev'd. Darryl Starnes. Bishop Starnes previously led the evangelism wing for his denomination. I know Bishop Starnes through the Order of the FLAME, World Methodist Evangelism/World Methodist Council, and I congratulate him on his election!

May God's grace, anointing and wisdom be upon all Methodist/Wesleyan Bishops/General Superintendents.


For an interview with Bishop Hines click here.

For an interview with Bishop Starnes click here.

For a different perspective concerning women in holy orders, read the statement put out by the Anglican Province of America entitled, The Male Character of Holy Orders: Dogma Not Discipline, or see the blog article entitled, An Icon of Christ, written by Fr. David Straw who ministers in a United Episcopal Church located in Evansville, IN.

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