Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Worship Video at Epworth Chapel-on-the-Green

The Rev'd. Dr. Brook Thelander and the good people at Epworth Chapel-on-the-Green have posted on their website a new video introduction to their services of worship.

Epworth is a "Wesleyan-Anglican" church locate in Boise, Idaho. While it is an independent church, it has a Nazarene background (originally envisioned as a Nazarene church plant), and Dr. Thelander is a Nazarene elder.

At one time, Epworth had acquired duel "spiritual oversight" by representatives of the Anglican (The Most Rev'd. Dr. Larry Shaver, Bishop in the Anglican Province of America) and Wesleyan (The Rev'd. Dr. William Greathouse, General Superintendent Emeritus in the Church of the Nazarene) traditions. - I do not know if they have maintained such relationships, at least on the Anglican side. Dr. Greathouse retired from this position, but the local Nazarene District Superintendent has, I believe, a strong relationship with Epworth.

While, personally, I would be more open to including a blend in terms of musical style, as well as a sense of openness to Spirit led spontaneity, nevertheless, I have been quite happy with all that Epworth has accomplished and closely regard them as "kindred spirits" committed to the Wesleyan-Anglican theological and liturgical tradition. Thus, I enthusiastically point the readers of this blog to their website to view their new video. - A link to their church is located on the sidebar, or you can simply click here.

(If I figure out how, and gain permission, I will post the video on this site.)