Thursday, May 3, 2018

Remembering Bishop Thomas Coke

Today, May third, according to For All the Saints: A Calendar of Commemorations (Second Edition),
we commemorate Bishop Thomas Coke.  Coke, an Anglican priest and assistant to John Wesley, was ordained by Wesley to be Superintendent of the American Methodists.  He convened the famous Christmas Conference in 1784 in Boston, which brought into being the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Upon Wesley's instruction, and with the consent of the preachers present, he ordained Francis Asbury deacon, elder, and superintendent.  They became the first bishops for the American Methodists.

In Bufford Coe's commemoration, he quotes one of Coke's prayers for a deep spirit of prayer in the Methodist preachers.  May this prayer be for all of us who stand in the lineage of those first Methodist preachers.

Glory be given to thee, thou has already bestowed much of it upon them: O! preserve it, increase it, inflame it, till their very life be one constant sacrifice to thee: till, by being daily stamped with brighter and brighter characters of thyself, they continually bring down, like thy servant Moses, a bright shining from the Mount.

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