Wednesday, February 5, 2020

An Article of Interest

Today, I read an article linked to Facebook that I thought was worth sharing with those who read this blog.  The article is entitle "Living in the Liturgy: My Anglican Journey."  It was written by Lisa Syner and has been published on the Anglican Pastor site.

Many who come here may well be comfortable in what is often called "liturgical worship."  However, some may be here who are just exploring the liturgy.  For you, especially, I thought that it might be good to read someone else's testimony of the power of God at work through the liturgy; a liturgy similar to the one that John Wesley left those of us in the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition.

Now, I say, "similar," because the worship described is based in a version of the Book of Common Prayer, and John Wesley gave to the Methodists in North America a version of the prayer book, as well.  Nevertheless, it is unlikely that one would have smelled incense during worship in Wesley's service, nor would you likely have seen anyone genuflecting during Wesley's day (though, perhaps, there would be the bowing of the head).  Some of those kinds of things were recovered in the Anglican tradition after Wesley's time.  -  In any case, the author of the article describes her first experience of this kind of worship, and expresses how God has used it in a powerful way to shape her life.

Wherever you fall in your experience of worship, I hope that you find the article helpful.  It can be found, here.

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